Stay up to date with the latest property news within our News section of our website. We cover a wide range of news stories, particularly within Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as across Australia and overseas.

To help find the most relevant news story for you, we have arranged our news under six categories which include:

Whether you are a home buyer or an investor, it is important to keep yourself updated with the most recent property news. If you are a property investor, then you want to know how the property markets are performing and whether it is a good time to buy more property or sell.

We also have a number of news stories that appeal to first home buyers and owner occupiers who are new to the property market. There is plenty to consider when buying a property, particularly if it is your first time and we have plenty of informative news stories and advice articles that would be relevant to you such as how to save up a 10% deposit, where is the best place to buy a property and what are the advantages and risks of buying property off the plan.

When buying a property, you also need to conduct your own research and due diligence and our Industry Reports provides relevant information, data and statistics which might be of interest to you, especially as an investor. You will find all types of Industry Reports including property surveys, housing market outlooks, population growth statistics and much more.

If you have recently bought a property through iBuyNew then our Construction Updates will provide insightful information as to the progress of the apartment development so far. We aim to provide construction updates every three to six months, but this is dependent on each of the developers. If you cannot find a construction update for the development that you have bought in, then feel free to get in touch with your own Property Consultant to discuss this.

iBuyNew and our CEO Mark Mendel has also appeared in the media numerous times and you can find the latest in the media articles within this news section where we discuss anything from the risks of buying property off the plan to why off the plan property makes a better investment.

We also provide our own thoughts on the property market as well as answer some of the major concerns property buyers might have. This section includes top tips, how to articles as well as what you should be looking for and avoiding.

We regularly update our News section with news stories across Australia and overseas to keep you informed of the latest trends and insights of the local, national and international property markets.

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