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What is a Sunset Clause in Off the Plan Contracts?
Alex Goldhagen

What is a Sunset Clause in Off the Plan Contracts?

A Sunset Clause is the maximum time frame that an off the plan development must be completed by.

14 great reasons to buy property off the plan
Fiona Bennett

14 great reasons to buy property off the plan

Buying a property off the plan is becoming increasingly more popular, but what is so appealing? Here are 14 great reasons why you should buy off the plan today.

Why buy property with iBuyNew?
Mark Mendel

Why buy property with iBuyNew?

Wondering why you should buy a property with iBuyNew? View our short video for our top 7 reasons to buy with us today.

Why you should invest in property in your early 20s
Alex Goldhagen

Why you should invest in property in your early 20s

By entering the property market in your early 20s, you could enjoy an earlier retirement.

Sydney must embrace higher-density living to meet demand
Mark Mendel

Sydney must embrace higher-density living to meet demand

With Sydney's population rapidly growing, more high-rise developments are required to meet demand.

What you’ll miss out on by not buying property today
Fiona Bennett

What you’ll miss out on by not buying property today

Thinking about buying property? Learn why you need to buy property today.

iBuyNew is striving to be Australia's No.1 destination for off the plan property buyers.

No matter what type of new Apartment you are looking for, iBuyNew has the nation covered with a huge selection of new property for sale and off the plan properties.

iBuyNew's staff are polite and helpful to ensure you get the best service in town. Making sure you select the right property is crucial to us as we act independently to ensure we help guide you through the maze of opportunities, allowing you to review and compare all the property details under one roof.

We encourage you to join our members for exclusive launches and more and you can also sign up to our mailing list where you will be one of the first to receive our latest project information through our informative and helpful emails. We look forward to helping you buy your next off the plan property.

What is Off the Plan property?

An off the plan property is a property that has yet to be built and is bought by referring to the marketing material including brochures, floor plans, images and schedule of finishes and signing a contract. As the development has yet to be constructed, there is no physical property to view and inspect; however you can get a general feel for the property through the provided material.

Why should you buy an Off the Plan property?

There are many great advantages and benefits of buying an off the plan property. Firstly, as the property has yet to be constructed and can take at least 12 months or longer to construct, buyers can often see their property grow in value over time without having to pay mortgage repayments which gives you more time to save. By the time settlement arrives, your off the plan property might have increased in value by a significant amount. These properties also tend to be lower in price compared to a completed brand new property.

Secondly, buying an off the plan property will give you first choice of new apartments, which means you can choose the best apartment before anyone else can get their hands on them, whilst you only require a 10% deposit to secure the deal. Who wouldn’t want to pick from the best of the bunch?

So what are you waiting for? Browse our full range of stylish off the plan properties today to find the perfect apartment to suit you whether you are a first home buyer or a serious investor.

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