The Key Infrastructure Spend Set To Open Up Sydney’s South East

Article by Davina Deluao

Sydney’s South Eastern suburbs are set to benefit significantly over the next 40 years with plans to invest in key infrastructure and transport services catering for the needs of a growing population. A key part of this strategy is Sydney Metro’s extension of commuter rail into the South East with a view to better connect communities, reduce traffic congestion and cut commute times. The infrastructure spend, part of the South East Sydney Transport Strategy is predicted to open up the South East, creating a more liveable, productive, equitable and sustainable community for the future.

The main objectives of this strategy aim to increase the liveability in the area by:

  • Allowing all residents to have easy, safe and reliable access to employment, open space, education and healthcare.
  • Ensuring all transport services are universally accessible.
  • Giving all residents access to a major employment centre (e.g. strategic centres, Eastern Harbour City CBD, Randwick Health and Education Precinct, Sydney Airport and Port Botany) within 30 minutes by public transport.
  • Ensuring all residents can safely walk to a local centre.
  • Contributing to, and maximising the potential for job growth through South East Sydney.
  • Ensuring that the transport network is easy to use and understand and provides more 24/7 access.
  • Ensuring businesses in South East Sydney are efficiently and sustainably connected to each other and their customers.

The strategy has been implemented in response to projected population growth over the next few decades. In this article, we take a brief look at the strategy and how it is likely to help drive housing demand and prices in Sydney’s South East. 

Transport Access 

The South East Sydney Transport Strategy is divided into medium and long term goals which includes rapid bus services, active connected networks for walking and cycling, transit improvement to Sydney Airport and much more. While maintaining a high level of quality, the strategy is set to meet freight, passengers and workers’ needs to commute easily to and from the area, ultimately assisting the suburbs’ economy and productivity.

The addition of new metro lines and bus networks will ensure people have reliable, safe and universally accessible public transport close by. For those travelling to and from South East Sydney, they can expect a range of convenient, environmentally friendly transport options that are reliable and cost-effective. 

Vast Workforce And Amenities 

The investment in key transportation methods will result in a demand for further employment opportunities and a higher livability score for the area. Residents will have greater access to key amenities within the area including healthcare, recreational parks, schools and businesses.

Right in the vicinity, there will be major employment centres that are inclusive and cater to all types of demographics. According to the South East Sydney Transport Strategy, the jobs sector has been divided with 28% industrial,  28% knowledge-intensive, 16% health and education and 28% that will be population serving. The Eastern Harbour Central Business District, Sydney Airport and Port Botany are some of the strategic locations that will be requiring staff and providing over 240,000 jobs.

Rapid Residential Development 

Better and more efficient connection to major amenities and essential services is expected to positively affect the real estate prices in the area. New housing in the South East will deliver several dwelling types with an estimated 20% detached houses, 16% townhouses and 63% apartments, all built-in close proximity to public transport. Following a transit-oriented structure, there will be mixed-income housing and a further variety of households established. 

You can visit online for further details regarding the South East Sydney Transport Strategy and what it means for the future of the area.

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Published on 1st of September 2021 by Anthony Lamb
Anthony Lamb
Anthony Lamb


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