Roadmap to reopening offers no immediate relief to Victorian Property Industry

Article by Michelle Leftwich

On Sunday afternoon September 6, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews announced his roadmap out of Stage 4 restrictions to a State keen to hear what he had to say.

The announcement, however, left many industries and businesses (including the property and real estate industry) in a relative state of limbo until October. The decision to delay opening up Victoria has been cited as being due to COVID case numbers remaining stubbornly high.

Roadmap towards a COVID-Normal - how will it affect buyers?

The roadmap out of Stage 4 restrictions, which have been in place in Metro Melbourne since mid-July, offer little relief to those wanting to buy and sell property. 

As it stands private inspections and on-site auctions will not be permitted until phase 3, which is due to come into effect on October 26th with a caveat. Stage 3 will only happen if average cases have been less than five over 14 days AND there are less than five cases from an unknown source state-wide. Source.

Some activities will be allowed in phase 2 due to begin from September 13. This will include things that can’t be done remotely such as the commencement or the end of a lease. This includes the physical act of moving house, or finalising settlements if they need to be done in person.

Regional Victoria, who have seen lower infection rates than metro areas, will see private inspections allowed to resume from September 13. Onsite auctions, which will need to be held outside with attendance limits still enforced, won’t be allowed until the third phase.

Looking to buy in Metro Or Regional Victoria? We are here to answer your questions or help you find the property you are after even with restrictions in place.

Published on 9th of September 2020 by Michelle Leftwich
Michelle Leftwich
Michelle Leftwich


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