International Students Allowed Back Into NSW Through New Pilot Program

Article by Davina Deluao

As of 1 July 2021, the New South Wales Government has officially announced that international students will be welcomed back into the state following a new pilot program. Endorsed by the NSW Health, NSW Police and NSW universities, the program aims to create a massive boost for the NSW economy and combat the impact of border closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is also great news for investors of apartments and units that serve as student accommodation with an increase of potential tenants returning. 


How Will It Work?


The program will allow 250 students to enter Sydney beginning 1 July 2021 and continuing on a fortnightly basis. After arriving, students will then be expected to complete a mandatory quarantine period at purpose-built student accommodation, regardless of whether they’ve been vaccinated. Once cleared, international students will then be able to resume their studies by the time semester two commences.

The NSW Treasurer, Dominic Perrottet, has made it clear that the program will be following the same quarantine standards as returning Australian travelers to ensure the safety of the broader community. It will be funded by the universities and coordinated by the NSW Police and health authority.


What Will We Expect To See? 


With more than 250 000 international students studying in NSW every year, the lack of student arrivals has resulted in a $5 billion loss for the NSW economy. Following a challenging year, the education sector and property industry are looking forward to prioritising housing construction and driving up jobs particularly, for retail, hospitality, tourism, and other local businesses. The inclusion of various cultural perspectives and experiences will also help grow the current academia.

According to Universities Australia, there are approximately 50 000 university students currently enrolled in NSW institutions studying remotely from overseas countries. Towards the end of the year, the program is estimated to expand, eventually allowing 500 students every fortnight.


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Published on 6th of July 2021 by Jen Dickson
Jen Dickson
Jen Dickson


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