Would you buy a haunted house?

As Halloween is fast approaching, it’s time to get a little spooky. Although I personally wouldn’t go anywhere near a Haunted House, there are many people that would and even go as far as buying a Haunted House. I’d be running as quickly as possible in the other direction! Who would want to buy a Haunted House anyway?

Within the iBuyNew office there are definitely mixed opinions as to who would buy a haunted house and who wouldn’t, “and if there was a discount on the house for sale then this would make the home much more appealing” commented Kate who does not believe in ghosts and would be happy to buy a haunted house at a knockdown price and happily live there.

According to a recent survey conducted by who ran a week-long survey in 2013 to find out people’s opinions on “haunted” real estate, as many as 26% of survey respondents would actually consider purchasing a haunted house for sale, whilst a further 36% said they might consider purchasing a haunted house. Only 38% of respondents said they would not consider buying a property that is haunted.

Almost 1,400 people took part in the survey, which also asked people’s thresholds for purchasing haunted houses for sale, alongside any past spooky experiences with homes, and what they thought the popular “warning signs” of a haunted home were.

Interestingly, 51% of those surveyed had heard about someone else’s haunted home experience and 35% of survey respondents said that they had already lived in a home that they thought to be haunted.

When looking to buy a house, then 25% of people said that they have researched a home’s history to check for any past incidents that may lead to hauntings.

So what makes a house haunted and what are the popular “warning signs” to look out for? Well, according to the survey, 61% of people believed that if there was a cemetery within the grounds of the home, then that might be an indication a home is haunted, whilst half of respondents also said that if a home is over 100 years old then it could well be haunted.

Furthermore, 45% of people thought that quick transitions in owners might be a sign of a haunted house, as well as 45% thinking that a very low price could also be an indication. Finally, 43% also commented that homes near a battlefield could mean that a house is haunted.

Overall, the majority of survey respondents felt they could purchase a haunted home, and many of which would do their own research into the property first before buying. However, if there were any spooky occurrences, then this might stop a property purchase.

The top occurrences that would scare people off from buying a haunted house include:

  1. Levitating objects (75%)
  2. Objects that moved from where they were placed (63%)
  3. Ghost sightings (63%)
  4. Supernatural sensations (61%)
  5. Flickering lights and appliances (61%)
  6. Strange noises such as doors slamming and footsteps (60%)
  7. Warm or cold spots in the house (34%)
However, for those that aren’t put off by eerie noises and creepy occurrences then many survey respondents said that they would expect discounts on purchasing a haunted house, whilst only 12% of respondents said they would be happy to pay full market value or more for a haunted house for sale.

If the haunted house was discounted by 1 to 30% then 34% of people would buy the haunted home, whilst 22% would buy the home if it was discounted by 31 to 50%. Finally, 19% of people said they would only buy a haunted house if it was discounted by 51% or more.

So would you actually buy a haunted house?

If like me the thought of buying a haunted house leaves you more than a little bit spooked, then buying a brand new property off the plan is the answer. No haunting guaranteed and you will be the first people to live in this property! Problem solved.

To find out more about our range of brand new apartments across the eastern seaboard of Australia, why not contact iBuyNew today who will happy to help you with your property purchase. Call us today on 1300 123 463.

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Published on 20th of May 2016 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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