Virtual Reality brings off the plan properties to life

If the thought of buying off the plan properties always put you off as you ‘physically couldn’t see or walk through the property’, then you might want to re-think that decision, thanks to virtual reality.

Virtual reality, believe it or not has been around for more than 70 years now, but it’s only in the last few years that it has really taken off. With heightened public expectations of today’s technology, virtual reality has been re-invented and is better than ever. From virtual reality games for Xbox and PlayStation to virtual reality experiences at events, the real estate market is also tapping into this new technology to showcase brand new apartments, which have yet to be built.

At iBuyNew, we understand the importance of getting the full experience when buying a property and sometimes this is hard to do from just looking at 2D floor plans, brochures and images. Now potential buyers can experience an off the plan apartment, before it is even built.

Virtual reality to revolutionise off the plan purchases

Not only will virtual reality revolutionise how buyers can research apartment living, but it can also be the key selling point that buyers require to commit to a property purchase.

Buyers can simply put on the headset goggles and control where they look using the handset controller as well as looking up, down and all around. They can walk through the kitchen, check out the bedroom and bathroom as well as step out on the balcony and take in the views below.

As well as the virtual reality headset that buyers can use to view one of our exciting new Brisbane developments, we now have several properties on our website where you can take a 3D tour online.

Our 3D tour takes buyers on a journey where you can click on a different level of the building and inspect your chosen apartment. You are then transported into the apartment itself which gives you a feel of what it would be like to live here, as well as allow you to check out the views. The apartments are complete with furniture giving you the full apartment experience, just like you would get from attending an actual property viewing.

Virtual reality plays into the emotional process

Buying a home is an emotional experience for many, especially for first home buyers. A virtual experience plays into the emotional process, making off the plan seem more like the real thing. Buyers can imagine what it would be like to entertain in their new kitchen or sit out on the balcony and soak up the views with friends.

As a property is likely to be one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make, it is important that property buyers are comfortable with their decision, and this new virtual reality technology will help make the property buying process far easier, stress-free and realistic.

Being able to walk around your apartment also gives property buyers the sense of space as well as judge the scale and look far better than just looking at a 2D floor plan. This will also help buyers understand what the apartment will look like when it is built and better understand what they are getting for their money.

Buying a property is an exciting prospect and with the help of virtual reality, this experience just gets better and better.
3D technology offers real value as well as providing a true representation of how we perceive the world around us and we can expect a lot more from this type of technology in the years to come.

Experience virtual reality for yourself

If you are interested in buying an apartment in Brisbane, then you can experience the 3D walk-though for yourself for The Duke Apartments in Kangaroo Point in our iBuyNew Sydney office.

Alternatively, you can also experience this 3D technology on our Stones Corner Apartments.

To find out more about virtual reality and to book a session to experience The Duke Apartments for yourself, simply get in touch with the iBuyNew team today by calling us on 1300 123 463.

Published on 1st of January 2021 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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