12 ways to cool down your apartment this Summer

Summer is well and truly here, and I don’t know about you, but I always dread this super hot weather – it’s far too hot for my liking, especially when it means you can’t get those recommended 8 hours sleep as your apartment feels more like an oven or a greenhouse than an actual home!

So how do you keep your apartment cool, without draining all your money on using the air con? Here are my top tips to stay cool this Summer.

1) Create shade – If you have windows that face towards the east or the west, ensure that you keep your blinds shut to keep the living areas cooler as these windows get a lot of direct sunlight. You might also want to consider blackout curtains.

2) Insulation – Thicker blinds or curtains will help keep the heat out, whilst having a protective tint on the windows and doors will also reduce glare.

3) Keep heat to a minimum – There are many types of appliances around the home that create heat such as dishwashers, dryers, computers, lights etc. Any activities that create heat such as dishwashing should be delayed until the evening when it’s cooler.

4) Keep windows and doors shut – During the hottest parts of the day you should keep doors and windows shut to avoid letting in any unwanted heat and humidity. You can open these again during the early morning and evenings.

5) Air circulation – opening all the doors and windows when there is a breeze can help create a welcome coolness and a draught throughout the apartment.

6) Use a fan – Before you turn on the air con, you should consider using the fan first to help move the air around the room, especially when fans cost very little to run in comparison to air conditioning units.

7) Cool just the room you’re in – By cooling just the room that you are in, this will help to save money as you are cooling a smaller area.

8) Turn on your bathroom extractor fans – Your bathroom or kitchen extractor fans both draw in hot air so if you are looking to draw out some of that warm air this might do the trick. Just ensure that your windows and doors are closed first.

9) Get some indoor plants – Did you know than certain indoor plants can actually keep the air around them cool? This is due to a process called photosynthesis which causes plants to take in energy (the sun).

10) Get outdoors – Spending more time outside when it’s cooler in the evenings can be far more pleasant than in a sticky apartment. Maybe you can eat outside on the balcony or have a picnic in the nearby park.

11) Switch your bedding – If you’re still using blankets and thick duvets then it’s time you switched. Cotton sheets are a great way to go as it breathes easier and stays cooler.

12) Ensure ceiling fans rotate counter-clockwise – If you have ceiling fans, these should be adjusted seasonally, so in the summer these need to rotate counter-clockwise. By turning in this direction at a higher speed, the airflow will feel a lot colder.

And if all else fails, you could always put a mini paddling pool on the balcony to cool your feet down or maybe hire someone to wave a fan at you!
Published on 18th of December 2014 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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