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Achieve My Savings Target

Use this Achieve My Savings Target calculator to help you achieve your savings. Enter in your savings target, your initial deposit, the interest rate you are earning on your savings along with how often you are making saving deposits and how long you plan to save for. It will instantly tell you what you need to pay weekly to achieve you savings goal.

From this you can work out if your savings goal is realistic and discover how much extra you need to save to reach this goal. It might be that you need to find a better interest rate, or re-adjust your time period so that this goal is reachable.

It's also worth speaking to a Mortgage Broker first who can work out what your borrowing capacity could be so you know what your property budget is. You might have to reduce your property budget to find a more affordable property to meet your goals or simply try to save harder.

To learn more about how to effectively meet your savings target to purchase your property, get in touch with iBuyNew today who can assist you with achieving your goals and finding the right property that will suit your requirements.

Call us today on 1300 123 463 to help get one step closer to your desired savings target.

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