7 Signs It’s Time To Upsize Your Home

Article by Davina Deluao

There is no place like home. It’s the place you want to feel the most comfortable. A huge part of being a homeowner is recognising when your beloved little home doesn’t suit your needs in the way it once did. When that time comes, it’s worth thinking about embracing the possibility of ‘upsizing’ to a new home that better suits the needs of you and your family. In this article we look at a handful of signs it’s time to move on up to a new home. 

1. You're Drowning In Clutter

Your little abode that used to be cute and neat when it was just you and your partner has started to feel a little cramped. You've been living in the house for a while now, you've got a lot more stuff and there’s constantly clutter everywhere. As your family grows, or you're in a place long enough it's only natural that you accumulate more stuff. Needing more storage is usually one of the main reasons to start looking at upsizing. By upsizing, you can finally get that larger couch, have more storage space to hide away clutter and store things neatly, out of sight. 

2. Your family is outgrowing the space

You seem to always be waiting for the bathroom or toilet, the kids are sharing bedrooms and there’s nowhere for visitors to stay. For growing families, a smaller house can get quite cramped and chaotic pretty quickly. If you find your family regularly bickering, it might just be that you’ve outgrown the space and everyone feels like they’re living on top of each other! For the sake of everyone’s sanity, it is important for a house to provide breakout spaces like good sized bedrooms, a study or multipurpose room, and an outdoor area with plenty of natural light. Now more than ever before, especially after COVID, do we appreciate a home that allows for some peace and quiet and a chance to get out of each other's hair. Upsizing is a great way to make everyone feel accommodated and have the space they long for. The kids can have their own rooms and when you have people come to stay, you can put them in the guest room - instead of on the couch!  

3. Affordability

Sure, it presents a big commitment to invest in a new home, but now is as good a time as any to look at upsizing. You can make the most of low-interest rates and grab the opportunity to take advantage of cheap stamp duty and government grants on offer. If your current financial status is stable, now could be a good time to look at taking the leap and start looking for your next new home. 

4. Constant Repairs and Maintenance 

The natural wear and tear of a home is inevitable, but the older a house becomes the more there is to do and it can add up. If your current abode is starting to require regular repairs (think old bathrooms and kitchens needing replacing, floors looking worn, gutters needing replacing, poor energy efficiency etc) it might be time to investigate if it’s worth investing in something newer and less of a drain on your back pocket. 

5. Your Current Neighbourhood No Longer Suits Your Needs

Your situation and what you once thought to be an ideal location may have completely changed since you first purchased your property. For instance, moving jobs may now require a lengthy commute. Your kids may be transitioning from primary to secondary school and you’re not in the catchment area for your preferred school. Make a list of all the must-have amenities you want in an area and start researching!

6. Making Room For Pets

It can be an exciting experience to welcome a pet into the family home. They’re good for our physical and mental health and are the best of friends, but unfortunately, not all homes are suitable for pets. If your current home is not suitable for that much-wanted puppy or kitten - it might be time to start looking for something that is. 


7. Struggling To Host Guests And Events 

Love entertaining but find you never have anyone around due to lack of space or a poorly thought out floorplan?  It can be difficult to have family gatherings without available guest rooms and prepare meals in a confined kitchen. When deciding how much more room you might need in your new abode, keep in mind the visitors you’ll be hosting further down the track. Do you live interstate and have family and friends visit often? Do you love having your friends around for dinner parties or BBQs by the pool?

Why let your current home stop you from living the life you want to live?

If you think it’s time to upsize, you can talk more about your options with our team of property experts. Give us a call and have an obligation-free chat today.


Published on 30th of March 2021 by Jen Dickson
Jen Dickson
Jen Dickson


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