12 reasons to book a meeting with a Property Consultant

So you’ve been spending countless hours searching online for that perfect property, but you’ve yet to find one that is right for you. Rather than sending online enquiries to numerous property websites asking for price lists and floor plans, we recommend you to book a meeting with a Property Consultant instead.

With more than 150 developments to choose from throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on our website, the property choices are endless. Enquiring online or phoning our office is always a good place to start, but making an appointment to book a meeting is better. Unfortunately, we are unable to send every single floor plan and price list for each development to everyone that phones, it would simply take too long. However, it would be more beneficial to use this time to speak to you in person and go through all of this information together.

We love meeting clients and finding out their story, so whether you are looking for new apartments, townhouses or even house and land packages, we do have a property to suit you.

So why should you book a meeting with an iBuyNew Property Consultant? There are many advantages of having a meeting with a Property Consultant. Here are our top 12 reasons:

12 Reasons why you should book a meeting with a Property Consultant


1. Saves you time

When you come in and meet with a Property Consultant at iBuyNew, we can quickly find out what it is you are after by discussing your property goals and your property ‘must-haves’. By understanding your requirements such as your budget, buyer type and preferred location, we can help narrow down your choices and find a property that is tailored to what you are looking for. Without our help, you could be wasting valuable time searching for a property that does not adequately suit your needs or budget, and let’s face it, we are all leading increasingly busier lives now, so our time is precious, so should be spent wisely.

2. Expert advice upfront – latest data

One of the great things about coming in and meeting with an iBuyNew Property Consultant is that you can access the latest data and research as well as benefit from our years of experience in the property market. By researching on your own and relying on friends, family and the media, you may not have all the facts and figures to make an informed decision, and may be relying on incorrect data. Your friends and family may give you advice on what they have read in the newspapers, but unless they are successful property investors themselves, then it’s best to rely on the experts.

3. Large purchase decision

As buying a property is likely to be one of the largest purchases you will ever make, it’s something you should really be doing in person and something which cannot really be achieved effectively over the phone. It also gives you the chance to meet our Property Consultants face to face and see for yourself that we are a real business, with great property opportunities available. It also allows us to get to know you and puts a face to a name. Simply taking an hour out of your day will ensure that you are get on the right track to buying a property from the very start.

4. More proactive

Making the decision to come in for a meeting with iBuyNew also puts you one step closer to buying a property. You are taking the time and effort to attain your property goals, which isn’t as easy to do by just submitting enquiries online. This shows that you are more committed to the property search.

5. Access to apartments not available on our website

When you attend a meeting with iBuyNew, you can also access a variety of apartments which have yet to hit the market. This ensures that you always have first pick of our latest properties as well as being able to view any exclusive projects that we might have. You can also benefit from the best pricing before properties increase in value.

6. Can show you marketing material within our office

During the meeting with an iBuyNew Property Consultant, you can also view project brochures, videos and other marketing material for yourself. We even have access to virtual reality technology allowing you to view and walk-through the property to get a real feel of the apartment, the property size and take in the views, which a 2D image or floor plan cannot easily portray.

7. One to one meetings

A meeting with a Property Consultant is a one to one meeting ensuring that you can get the most out of your time and is personalised to your needs. We assign you with a Property Consultant that best matches your requirements and they are your point of call throughout the property buying process. At iBuyNew, we understand that everyone is different and not every property will suit each person, so having a meeting can identify your requirements faster.

8. Help reduce your preferred properties

During the property meeting, we can help narrow down your options further to two or three properties. This makes the decision making far easier as we can help you compare each property side by side to help determine which property is best for you.

9. Flexible meeting arrangements

As well as having meetings in our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offices during work hours, we also host meetings after work and over the weekend, giving you more opportunities to meet with us at a time that best suits you. Our Property Consultants are here to assist you, which means we can sometimes come out and see you if it is easier.

10. Ability to meet other integral members of the team

As well as meeting your Property Consultant, we also have an in-house mortgage broker who can assist you with a property loan and give you an idea of what you can comfortably afford.

11. Make a property decision outside your home comforts

By coming in for a property meeting, this allows you to make a better decision due to being away from your home comforts. This makes you more focussed on the facts infront of you and more often than not allows you to think more clearly on what it is you actually want.

12. It’s free

Lastly, our meetings are free so it doesn’t cost you anything to come and see us. We will talk you through the property buying process and the benefits of buying off the plan, ensuring that you will walk away having learned something.

Whatever type of property buyer you, a first home buyer, downsizer or a savvy investor, a meeting with a Property Consultant at iBuyNew will be a worthwhile experience. Even if you decide that a property isn’t the right option for you, or you are not quite ready to buy yet, the meeting will be very rewarding and provide you with a wealth of new knowledge.

We always welcome phone calls; however, if you are after that in-depth discussion then the meeting is definitely your next point of call.

Whether you're looking for new property development or wanting to purchase an off the plan property, get in touch with iBuyNew and speak to our team of experts on 1800 123 463 to find out how we can help.

Published on 28th of March 2023 by Jing Lee
Jing Lee
Jing Lee


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