Suburb Property Profile: South Brisbane, Queensland 4101

Article by A.K Vearing


Introduction to South Brisbane:

South Brisbane together with West End and Highgate Hill is known as Kurilpa (meaning water rat) by the local Indigenous people and the area remains important in Indigenous life. South Brisbane was named during the Morton Bay penal colony era (1824 - 1842). Aptly, it sits on the opposite side of the Brisbane River, south of North Brisbane. The suburb is across the river from the CBD and is directly connected by multiple bridges. Over the years, it has become one of Brisbane's most popular cultural and entertainment hubs.

Location Demographics

Being very inner city, South Brisbane is more known to corporate professionals and apartment living. However, with everything in a short distance, it is considered a very liable suburb. A very pleasant suburb with an age range from mostly 20 - 29 years. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 7,1296 people call South Brisbane home, being fairly equal on both genders. 

Travel & Infrastructure

Being an inner-city suburb, public transport is no issue. There are transport hubs within the area, offering a range of different way to commute. You can get around South Brisbane by foot and travel to further suburbs by either buses and trains, all with a frequent schedule. It is less common to drive, just as roads become quite busy within the inner city of Brisbane however, the city is highly equipped for cars, therefore it is not uncommon. Being close to the river, travelling on the water by ferry is an option depending on where you’re heading. 


South Brisbane offers an unlimited number of restaurants and cafes to eat at, but not as generous with their grocery stores. You can find small, metro Woolworths within the suburb, however, would be more inclined to travel to the West End Coles, Aldi and Woolworths, a five-minute commute via bus or car. South Brisbane holds markets a few times a week and the West End markets are every Saturday morning if you prefer to shop purely organically. 

Schools & Recreation

South Brisbane doesn’t offer a huge variety of schools within the suburb, however, many within close proximity. The closest state school is Brisbane State School which is located in West End, a five-minute commute via bus. Within the suburb itself, Sommerville House is an all-girls private school that offers primary and high school, with its brother school, St Josephs’s College, located in Spring Hill, also a five-minute commute by bus. 

What’s Going On in South Brisbane?

The inner-city suburb of South Brisbane is a hub bursting with cool bars, restaurants and culture. If you love food, South Brisbane offers a range of restaurants and cafes, cooking all delicatessens of the world. Laneway bars aren’t uncommon that offer a low-key and intimate atmosphere. Nearby is Brisbane's Cultural Centre with the Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Queensland Science Centre and State Library of Queensland. There is also a performance happening at QPAC so no-one is bored. The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre can also be found at South Brisbane. This massive centre regularly hosts exhibitions, charity balls, gala dinners, events, seminars, comedy performances, and concerts by big-name acts.


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Published on 10th of November 2020 by Jing Lee
Jing Lee
Jing Lee


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