Suburb Property Profile: Belmore, New South Wales 2192

Article by Shantelle Santos

Initially named Darkwater, the name of Belmore derived from the fourth Earl of Belmore, who was the Governor of New South Wales from 1868 to1872. With a short distance of 11km from Sydney’s CBD, Belmore is a mix of heritage sites, period homes, commercial areas, and industrial areas. With all of this in mind, if you want to learn more about the suburb of Belmore, check out our short guide about the community and what they have to offer below.




Location Demographics

A significantly larger town, Belmore has a population of about 12,718 people, as per the 2016 Census. Of these residents, 49.8% were male and 50.2% were female, with 0.8% of the population being Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders. Known for being a tight-knit multicultural community, the suburb of Belmore prides themselves with being attuned to their culture and being a family orientated neighbourhood. The community welcomes tourists and newcomers alike with open arms to their homely suburb. 


Travel & Infrastructure

Public transport is easily accessible in Belmore, with express train lines from Belmore Station on route directly to the CBD and to surrounding suburbs. Belmore Railway Station is also a part of the many heritage listings in the community. There are also plenty of bus lines that go along the Belmore’s main road, Burwood Road, that can take locals to schools, shopping centres, and small shopping strips along the road.




There’s an abundance of shopping strips along Burwood Road in Belmore, many of them being family-owned businesses. With cake shops, aesthetic cafes, grocery stores, and even a sportswear shop along the road, these shopping strips are an easy way for locals to get the necessities without having to travel too far. But if people within Belmore’s community want to venture out for their retail therapy, Campsie Shopping Centre is only a 4-minute drive away, with over 50 speciality stores for those looking for a little bit more. And if that isn’t enough, the CBD is also only a short 25-minute drive away.


Schools & Recreation

There are five main schools in the suburb of Belmore - Belmore South Public School (a heritage-listed school), Belmore North Public School, Belmore Boys High School, St Joseph’s Primary School, and All Saints Grammar; all conveniently within a 10-minute drive from one another and along Burwood Road. The closest tertiary institution is the University of Sydney, just a short 19-minute drive from Belmore or a 49-minute journey on public transport to the University.


What’s Going On in Belmore?

With the COVID-19 crisis still ongoing, many events have been postponed or cancelled. So take this time to explore the history of Belmore by taking a look at the Art-Deco building on the corner of Burwood Road and Bridge Road.


Looking to build or buy a new home in Belmore? Get in touch with one of our property experts to discuss your options.

Published on 1st of January 2022 by Anthony Lamb
Anthony Lamb
Anthony Lamb


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