Western Sydney Priority Growth Area announced

There’s exciting news for Western Sydney as the NSW Government has announced that a Western Sydney Priority Growth Area is to be created around the planned Badgerys Creek Airport.

This new growth area in Sydney’s west will provide greater opportunities for brand new homes, jobs, services and infrastructure as well as providing the local population with greater access to jobs within and around the airport.

Stephen Albin, UDIA NSW Chief Executive congratulated the Government for making the ‘common sense planning decision’.

“This Western Sydney Priority Growth Area will become the State’s engine room for growth, with the capacity to deliver a dramatic boost in employment close to where a significant portion of the greater Sydney population lives,” he said.

“This announcement will also lead to the delivery of more homes in Western Sydney, and what looks to be supportive infrastructure through the slated Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy.”

The State Government will be working with both Liverpool City Council and Penrith City Council and promises a Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy, as well as funding from a new “special infrastructure contribution levy”. This will cover the costs of regional roads as well as further planning costs. This strategy will help to estimate what new infrastructure is required, as well as the number of new homes and jobs required to service the local area, not forgetting the transport options.

So how large an area will the Western Sydney Priority Growth Area cover? Altogether this new Growth Area is set to cover 14,518 hectares all the way from south of Penrith and Blacktown all the way down to Leppington.

However, much planning and consideration is required to ensure any future infrastructure will link new growth areas which are located to the north and south of this Western Sydney Priority Growth Area.

Consideration should also be given to the South West Rail Link which should link through to the airport to Penrith as well as linking with the Sydney Metro line and the M9.

The Western Sydney Priority Growth Area is also expected to benefit from the $3.6 billion road investment program, as well as the extension of the South West Rail Link from Leppington to St Marys, and the Outer Sydney Orbital.

Looking forward over the next two decades, Western Sydney’s population is expected to grow by one million people from its current two million to reach three million people and Western Sydney will become Australia’s third largest economy. The State Government also claims that the brand new Badgerys Creek Airport will create approximately 60,000 jobs over the next 30 years to the local region.

This comes as good news to anyone looking to live out west or invest in new apartments in Sydney’s West. The new Badgerys Airport will also become a major generator of economic activity as well as making domestic air travel far easier for those living in the West, instead of people having to commute long distances to Sydney’s current airport in Mascot.

It is expected that by 2060, more than 30,000 jobs could be generated by the airport’s operation, whilst indirect employment around the airport site could also generate another 30,000 jobs. With the population of Sydney expected to reach 5 million by 2016 and the city to reach over 8 million people by 2056, this Western Sydney Growth Area is a much needed area to help house the future population of Sydney.
Published on 14th of October 2015 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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