Watchout for those Spruikers!

With $80 billion invested in property through SMSF since the ban on borrowing was lifted in 2007, it is fast becoming the preferred vehicle to invest in property for those who are late to enter the property market or are disillusioned by paltry returns through traditional managed funds that they do not understand.

With many people in the middle of their working lives having substantial super balances to tap into, they have become ripe targets for the less scrupulous in the industry to sell specific, price inflated properties with the promise that their team of accountants, financial planners and solicitors will take care of everything. 

Although we believe that SMSF are indeed a great vehicle for real estate investment depending on your personal circumstances, we approach it quite differently. Firstly, we don’t market a particular property as SMSF, nor do we charge you MORE for the same property because it is SMSF. That just makes no sense to us and against our ethical standards.

Although some of our Property Consultants hail from financial planning, mortgage broking and accounting backgrounds which may make them more informed and thus offer you more holistic advice when choosing a property investment strategy, we won’t offer you that type of advice as it would be a conflict of interest and we want YOU to make your own decision. 

We’re in the business of empowering our clients to secure their financial future through property investment, just like what we ourselves are doing.

Published on 20th of October 2014 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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