Victoria to benefit from a cleaner community

With the population of Victoria rapidly growing, it is expected that 8.9 million people will make their home here by 2043, an increase of approximately 4.5 million people.

The state is currently home to approximately 4.4 million people and with its sprawling population, Melbourne is set to overtake Sydney to become Australia’s biggest city by 2056.

As the population rises, the demand for new housing will also increase, whilst the total waste generation will rise from 12.2 to 20.6 million tonnes per year. In order to address this issue, the Victorian Government, led by the WRRGs and supported by SV will establish seven regional waste and resource recovery implementation plans. This will allow the government to capture the needs and priorities of each Victorian region by consulting with local communities, councils and industry and ensuring the waste needs of those regions are met.

It is essential that a new waste plan is created and implemented to ensure that communities become cleaner, providing a higher quality of life for everyone today and tomorrow.

Sustainability Victoria is responsible for the delivery of waste and resource recovery planning as well as programs to support the government to improve Victoria’s liveability, economy, communities and environment.

Over the next 30 years, Sustainability Victoria has identified the following action points to maximise resource recovery:
  • $550-$810 million in new infrastructure required in Victoria
  • A total potential investment of between $3.6 and $5 billion in maintenance, upgrades and expansion of existing infrastructure (including landfills).
A Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan (SWRRIP) will be implemented over the long term (30 years) to help ensure the investment and infrastructure needs are met. This comes as good news for the community as the state will become a lot more environmentally friendly with actions including reducing the amount of materials ending up in landfill as well as finding ways to effectively manage the increase volume of wastage.

According to Anthony Carbines, Parliamentary Secretary for Environment, “This long-term waste plan will help us ensure cleaner communities and a better quality of life now and into the future”. He also adds, “We’re making sure we have a well-planned system in place to manage our waste. It will allow us to create more jobs and keep our economy growing.”
Published on 18th of June 2015 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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