UTS reveals exciting new Building 2 design

Sydney is beginning to reveal some exciting and distinctive designs for its newest buildings and this latest building design is no exception.

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has unveiled plans of its new Building 2 design, which is set to sit adjacent to Building 1 on the corner of Broadway and Jones Street, which is widely regarded as Sydney’s ugliest building.

Under the proposal, the existing building 2 will be demolished and in its place will sit a brand new 16 storey building, plus a rooftop level. Four storeys will also be added to the podium of the Tower Building, along Broadway which will link up with the other buildings. Changes to the landscaping and public domain will also be made, including an outdoor terrace on level 8 and a rooftop garden.

Costing $278 million, the proposed building will be named UTS Central and will be characterised by a twisting form and a tri-level, glass-fronted scholarly reading room which will overlook the Alumni Green. The purpose of this brand new building is to better serve students and staff right into the future.

Building 2 will expand upon UTS’s reputation for bold, future-focused and sustainable facilities that respond to and complement their environment, enabling unique, high-tech educational experiences.

Overall, UTS Central will comprise a total of 16 levels, contained within an effective height of 14 storeys and will retain the existing basement levels. The upper most level will sit parallel with Broadway and carefully twists to align with the western, northern and eastern facades of the campus grid.

This upwards twisting will also allow solar access to UTS’s Alumni Green which is designed by Aspect Studios, to the north and Central Park, designed by Ateliers jean Nouvel, to the south.

According to Richard Francis-Jones, design director of FJMT, “the rotation and setback of Building 2’s form preserves the prominence and integrity of the adjacent UTS Tower, while the veil-like delicacy of Building 2’s façade serves as a juxtaposition to the existing brutalist form”.

The development of UTS Central is part of the $1 billion Campus Master Plan and will include an outdoor terrace on level eight, a state of the art library facility and learning commons as well as a rooftop garden. The new Building 2 will become a centre for innovation and collaboration, whilst it will provide the university with additional learning and research space to accommodate future student and academic growth.

The development application has been submitted and is on exhibition until 10 June. If the development is approved, the university plans to close building two in July 2016, before it is demolished. UTS Central is expected to open in 2019 on the same site. Those currently based in Building 2 will be relocated to other parts of the university.

UTS has been planning its expansion since the turn of the century to help attract and cater for the growing number of students. The university has already completed 14 projects in eight locations across the campus, including the Faculty of Engineering and IT Building, and the $180 million Frank Gehry-designed business school.

Ranked as the number one young university in Australia and number 14 young university in the world by the QS World University Rankings Top 50 Under 50, UTS had approximately 40,571 student enrolments during 2015, including 11,529 international students with over 3,100 full-time staff.

Over 35,000 international students currently study in Sydney and play an important part in Sydney’s vibrancy and liveability, as well as helping to grow and strengthen Sydney’s global connections, both now and in the future.

If this new building 2 does get the go ahead, then it will certainly attract more students in the future to study in Sydney whilst revitalise the heart of campus to create a vibrant and dynamic student hub.
Published on 23rd of May 2016 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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