The Interlace wins World Building of the Year 2015

Today, our architecture around us is becoming even more iconic that ever before. Buildings are not only getting taller, but are also becoming more creative with unique designs turning heads. Even our off the plan developments across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are outdoing each other with their latest prominent, unusual and eye-catching designs.

Recently, the World Architecture Festival 2015 was held in another iconic world building, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore during 4 – 6 November where the festival’s most prestigious prize, the renowned World Building of the Year was awarded.

The winner of this year’s prestigious prize went to Ole Scheeren of OMA for The Interlace in Singapore and what a building this is.

The Interlace, technically is not just one building, it is a collection of 31 apartment blocks that ‘interlace’ together. Each block of apartments is medium density and only six storeys high, which is a rare sight in Singapore where high-rise living is commonplace. The apartment blocks are arranged in groups of four in a stacked formation and arranged in a hexagonal grid, home to 1,040 apartments.

As well as the apartments, there are eight themed courtyard gardens which are more than just open space. They serve to bond residents closer together and include the Central Square, Bamboo Garden, Lotus Pond as well as a Theatre Plaza, Water Park, Spa Valley, Waterfall Terrace and Play Hills.

Mr Scheeren describes this development as a “vertical village” which is also home to a clubhouse, gyms and games rooms, reading rooms and even a 1km running track – what more could you want?!

OMA and Ole Scheeren are the lead designers behind The Interlace and known for their stunning and often unconventional architecture. Mr Scheeren from Germany has already designed some of the world’s most iconic structures in various cities across Asia including Taipei Performing Arts Centre and MahaNakhon in Bangkok.

The Interlace was completed in 2013 and is situated within a green belt area of the city-state’s southern ridges and covers a massive 170,000sqm area. Its “radical and alternative approach” to contemporary living is what won the favour of the panel of judges.

Other winners at the World Architecture Festival 2015 included Vancouver House in Canada designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) for Future Project of the Year, whilst the winner for Landscape of the Year went to Yanweizhou Park in China by Turenscape International.

There was also good news for Australia where SJB Architects won the Mixed-Use Development Award for its Casba project in Danks Street, Waterloo, Sydney.

The World Architecture Festival 2016 will be held in Berlin.
Published on 11th of November 2015 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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