South-East Asia’s new smart Green City unveiled

South-East Asia is in the spotlight and is set to become the home of a major Green City, spanning over 1,386 hectares on four man-made islands in Iskander, Malaysia.

This exciting new Green City, named ‘Forest City’ is to become a global hub that will attract innovation, talents and ideation and will be positioned close to the economic centres of South-East Asia. It will also be South-East Asia’s first and largest mixed-use green development. Costing $40 billion, this project will have a smart city design theme with units to be built with a focus on utilising vertical greenery.

The development revolves around a multi-layered three dimensional city planning, with lush vertical greenery and dense foliage. There will be multiple means of highly efficient public transportation whilst there will also be sustainable and renewable energy infrastructures. The aspiration is to make Forest City a role model for other future cities and to reduce its environmental impact through integrated solutions to achieve zero impact to the surrounding area.

There will even be sky gardens, man-made lakes and beaches, a duty free zone as well as commercial buildings, medical facilities, schools and its own water supply.

Country Garden, a private Chinese development company is the developer in charge of this mega project and is the largest real estate project outside of China to date. Yeung Kwok Keung, the chairman of Country Garden actually had the vision to create this huge project and came from 30 years of experience influenced by China’s pace of internationalisation. Country Garden has also completed various other residential developments in Australia and Malaysia and is recognised as one of China’s top 10 real estate developers and is Forbes Top 30 listed companies in Asia.

This development is to be built in the Strait of Johor, between Singapore and Malaysia. However, it is thought that this region does not require a development of this size due to the great amount of housing already hitting the local market. In spite of this, Country Garden believes it will attract buyers from right across the world, who are looking for the opportunity to live in a futuristic city, containing 300,000 homes.

Forest City will be developed in several phases with phase one focusing on the condo and high-rise coastal residences. These two to four bedroom residences are exceptionally designed for modern day living and range from approximately 818 sqft to 1,915sqft. Residents will have access to exceptional amenities including fitness clubs, swimming pool and a world-class hotel, alongside shopping, green spaces and entertainment.

To help the growth of Forest City, key industries will be introduced including education, healthcare and tourism. There are also plans for dedicated entry points to Forest City through a light rail transit system and a ferry network that links to Singapore and connect to the planned high-speed rail between Singapore and Malaysia.

Work is expected to take 20 years and Forest City will be completed in 2035. Once complete, this smart city will house 500,000 people.

With the world’s population ever growing, and a greater focus being applied to greener and more sustainable living, Forest City will certainly set the benchmark high for future developments to follow in its footsteps.
Published on 22nd of February 2016 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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