Parramatta to undergo a 20 year striking redevelopment

Residents in Parramatta will soon be in for a treat with plans for the CBD to have its own multi-million dollar quay, beach and a major public space turning Parramatta into a truly liveable suburb and the place to be.

Costing $200 million, the Parramatta Council has put together a 20 year plan which will focus on redeveloping the Parramatta River front as well as the city. It will allow the river to become a key feature once again through a series of public works projects along the stretch of foreshore.

Phase one of the plan involves the construction of “Parramatta Quay”. This will involve replacing the existing ferry wharf and creating a striking arrival centre with ideas including a new floating wharf with an outdoor dining plaza.

The river foreshore will also include a new cultural centre precinct, a boardwalk, new bridge as well as a redeveloped Riverside Theatre.

As well as the Parramatta Quay, there are plans to develop a large riverside public space called River Square which can hold up to 10,000 people and link up to the proposed Parramatta Square expected to cost $2 billion.

However there is also a proposal to create a “city beach” which not everyone is supporting. Labor councillor and Granville state MP Julia Finn believes that “the city beach is an impractical and financially unviable idea and should be deleted from the plan”.

The beach is proposed on the banks of the river with sand as well as beach furniture and even a boat dock, but due to the Parramatta River prone to flooding this could cause the sand to be washed into the river causing havoc.

There is also a plan to make the river safe for swimming by 2025, as currently it is often a murky brown colour compared to glistening blues as depicted by plans in pictures.

The development of these areas is expected to be rolled out over a 20 year period with funding coming from state and federal government grants as well as rates and development contributions.

This comes as good news to property investors as these plans will make Parramatta and neighbouring suburbs much more appealing places to live and is more than likely to increase dwelling values. It is the second largest CBD in New South Wales and already has a substantial shopping centre and a vast array of eateries and entertainment options, whilst it is connected by train, bus and ferry.
Published on 11th of June 2015 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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