Parramatta to house Sydney’s tallest residential tower

Parramatta CBD could soon be home to Sydney’s tallest residential tower after a winning design has been chosen for a 90-storey residential tower. This new residential tower will be part of the $2 billion Parramatta Square redevelopment. Bates Smart was the architecture firm that saw its design win beating three other competitors in its path.

Bates Smart has an unparalleled reputation for the design and delivery of architecture, interior design and urban design projects. The firm has designed numerous projects within Australia and internationally including residential buildings such as Opera and Collins House in Melbourne; Sydneygate in Sydney and Victoria Gardens in Beijing.

An independent jury chose the winning design and this jury included Parramatta City Architect Kim Crestani and NSW Government Architect Peter Poulet.

Paul Garrard, the Parramatta City Council Lord Mayor announced that Bates Smart had produced a cutting-edge and impressive design. He also added that this new skyscraper was part of the “world-class transformation of [the Parramatta] CBD”.

The developer behind this exciting project is Walker Corporation who has over 50 years’ experience and delivered more than 1,000 projects within both Australia and internationally including America, Canada, Fiji and Malaysia.

Walker Corporation launched this design competition back in January this year for the design of its planned 90 storey Aspire Tower in Parramatta amongst four major architectural firms: Bates Smart, Fender Katsalidis, DBI Design and PTW Architects.

The Chairman of Walker Corporation, Mr Land Walker said, “We have chosen a selection of Australia’s most prestigious architectural firms to compete for what will be the key component in one of the country’s largest urban renewal projects, which will see Parramatta rival Sydney CBD in terms of amenity and high quality residential and commercial space.”

Lord Mayor of Parramatta Councillor Paul Gerrard also commented, “If approved, the Aspire Tower will be a key component of what will become a world-class CBD and a compelling drawcard for families to enjoy the many attractions of Parramatta.”

This tower will have an end value of over $500 million and this mixed-use development not only will include the Aspire Tower, but will also include two commercial buildings which will house retail and a selection of cafes and restaurants. The tower itself will include 700 apartments and 150 hotel rooms and will be the centre of the $2 billion Parramatta Square urban renewal project.

Walker Corporation expects development approvals for the tower to be lodged by June 2016 which will initially incorporate a 70-storey tower. A second application for 90 storeys will be lodged after consultation with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

The tallest tower at present in Sydney is the Sydney Tower and stands at 309 metres tall. However the height limit for the majority of buildings in the city is 235 metres. The new Aspire Tower is planned to be 306 metres tall.

Currently, the tallest residential tower in Sydney is the Meriton World Tower which has held this title since 2004 and was designed by Nation Fender Katsalidis. It is 230 metres tall and comprises 75 levels.
Published on 10th of March 2016 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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