Parramatta to become second CBD of Sydney

Parramatta’s position as Sydney’s second CBD has strengthened through the government’s long term plans to build Sydney’s future which includes building up this western centre over the next 20 years to cater for an extra 1.6 million people.

However, these plans do not go into great detail about what burden this growth will put on other areas, with these plans not expected to be released until after the next election.

By 2031, there is expected to be 664,000 new dwellings as well as 689,000 new jobs according to the Plan for Growing Sydney. During this time, the city of Parramatta is also set to see its population grow to nearly 5.9 million.

The draft strategy that was released almost two years ago contained much more information than this latest document which does not stress any specifics. The draft strategy had details such as employment and housing targets for each of the Sydney regions. These details are to be announced after the next election.

By mid 2015 it is thought that there will be six draft sub-regional plans to include targets. This will also include areas that are identified as priority locations for employment, retail, housing and services, where each is expected to support a minimum of 10,000 jobs.

The implementation of the strategy across 41 local government areas will be overseen by the Greater Sydney Commission.

However, there has been some criticism over these projections, and how some areas like northern Sydney will not be sharing this burden. By 2031, there will be an increase of 1.6 million people, whilst northern Sydney will see a growth of less than 200,000 people during the same time period.
Published on 15th of December 2014 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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