Parramatta Road Expected to Gain Over 50,000 New Homes

Parramatta Road is set to house approximately 100,000 new residents over the next few decades, if the development plans from the state government go ahead.

To house these new residents, the government property agency proposes to add over 50,000 new apartments along Parramatta Road. The majority of these new homes will be based at the western end of Parramatta Road in suburbs including Auburn, Granville and Homebush. However, some Inner West suburbs such as Camperdown, Leichhardt and Taverners Hill are included in these plans to include thousands more apartments.

UrbanGrowth NSW, the developer in charge, has delayed the plans for Parramatta Road a number of times, but it is thought that these new apartments are linked with the WestConnex underground motorway, which is to be built underneath this busy highway. These detailed plans expected to be released this year are now delayed until 2015.

The draft strategy suggests that around Sydney Olympic Park and Homebush, 17,000 more apartments will make their home here, whilst a further 13,000 apartments are to be built near Granville. Other Inner West suburbs including Burwood have plans for 5,000 apartments, and another 5,000 at Taverners Hill close to Leichhardt and Petersham.

However, these figures have not yet been confirmed by UrbanGrowth NSW and these specifics would not be discussed until it was released.

Some politicians and residents are already becoming worried about the negative impact and strain all these new homes will put on traffic congestion, public transport and local amenities, with the Parramatta Road already heavily congested, especially during peak hours. Buses are full to capacity and run approximately 10 minutes late in the afternoon.

"This travel time variability impacts on connections with other transport modes and reduces the attractiveness of bus, and public transport, as a travel mode," said documents tabled in response to a call for papers on WestConnex.

However, not everyone sees these plans as negative. These documents also suggest that Auburn is to turn into a “new mixed-use, live-work precinct”, whilst Homebush could have the potential to be a “new CBD”, and Taverners Hill is a place for a “creative industry hub to emerge”.

To date, it is uncertain as to how far from Parramatta Road UrbanGrowth NSW is looking to build these new medium-density and high-rise developments and what exactly is to be affected.

One such council to be affected and concerned by the plans is Leichhardt. Leichhardt mayor Rochelle Porteous stated that her council was "the fourth most densely populated area in Australia and 70 per cent of our municipality is heritage conservation zones".

"It is important that we preserve the character and liveability of our local area – those kind of numbers are unsustainable and would have unacceptable impacts on the local residents and businesses," Cr Porteous said.

Currently UrbanGrowth NSW is expected to release its Parramatta Road plans by the end of 2014 and it is thought that the Metropolitan Strategy, the government’s blueprint for managing population growth over the next 20 years will be released shortly providing important details of what is to occur over the coming years.
Published on 3rd of November 2014 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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