Light Rail could soon connect Parramatta to Strathfield

Sydney’s western suburbs could soon be connected by Light Rail if the plans for a $1 billion light rail network are approved to link Parramatta and Strathfield via Sydney Olympic Park, giving the sports and entertainment centre a new lease of life.

If plans are approved then more than 100,000 jobs would be created and would also fuel billions of dollars in housing along the route. The plans also include a $1 billion revamped town centre which will become home to bustling restaurants, shops and offices set on 5 hectares of land in the heart of the Olympic Park precinct.

The ANZ Stadium would also benefit from long-term plans turning the venue into a rectangular colosseum with seats being moved 20cm closer to the action.

Although Mike Baird is expected to make an announcement of the route on June 23, the Parramatta to Strathfield route has become the preferred route out of four light rail options that were chosen in October last year. It also has the backing of 20 prominent businesses, which have formed the West Line Alliance lobby group. Before this, the preferred option for the first stage of the light rail link was to Macquarie Park via Carlingford.

If this Parramatta to Strathfield route goes ahead then Parramatta would link up with the Australian Turf Club’s Rosehill racing and convention centre then head to the Camellia peninsula to Sydney Olympic Park followed by Strathfield. There is even the possibility to include Westmead medical precinct along with the University of Western Sydney campuses.

According to Christopher Brown, West Line Alliance spokesman, businesses would put $1.1 billion towards this venture through “voluntary planning arrangement” in order to help pay for the key infrastructure and this money would be used to help clean up the industrial wastelands at Camellia around the Shell refinery. This would allow 21,000 new homes to be built here over the next two decades which is increasingly needed with the population in Sydney continuing to grow.

Currently the Sydney Olympic Park is almost like a ghost town with very limited transport options to get to and from the venues and is cut off from the rest of Sydney. This new line will provide the area with a much needed lease of life allowing the ANZ Stadium and other venues to become much more attractive and far more energised, with people being able to take advantage of restaurants before or after a show or game.
Published on 10th of June 2015 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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