Could Brisbane Airport be Australia’s premier gateway?

Brisbane is an exciting place to be right now with so many new developments being built throughout the city including Queen’s Wharf precinct and plans for a new Entertainment Centre. However, one development that is catching everyone’s attention is the $45 million redevelopment of Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal which could see this airport soon become Australia’s best international airport.

The Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC) $45 million International Terminal redevelopment was designed to not only be far more superior than its domestic rivals, but to become the preferred choice for passengers, airlines, business and the community both locally and internationally.

Last October saw the upgrade officially opened, but Brisbane Airport continues to draw attention and high levels of praise from visitors and those in the industry.

The redevelopment has already been recognised with the Queensland property Council Award for Excellence in Design, through its use of creating a distinct space that makes Brisbane Airport unique.

So what was included within the Brisbane Airport redevelopment?

Some of the different features that this redevelopment included are:
  • A new themed Departures Lounge
  • New walk through Duty Free stores for both Departures and Arrivals
  • New specialty retail and food and beverage outlets which sell the best of local produce
  • Improved way finding for passengers
  • Unrivalled views of aviation activity on the tarmac
The redevelopment was focused upon using and showcasing the unique character and personality of Brisbane throughout the design, particularly focusing upon Queensland’s outdoor and recreational lifestyle which the state is renowned for.

According to Julieanna Alroe, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) CEO and Managing Director, the redevelopment of Brisbane Airport is a significant milestone in the terminal’s 20-year history. This fantastic redevelopment now puts Brisbane Airport on the map as one of the most beautiful airports in the world, while establishing a global benchmark for design.

“This project has been a labour of love for everyone who has worked on it over the last few years, helping to create a truly unique gateway to Queensland,” she said. “Everything we set out to achieve was accomplished to the highest quality, all while working within a secure terminal which continued to operate 24/7.”

One of the great things about this redevelopment is that it was completed on time and on budget, following 18 months of round the clock construction works. There was limited major disruptions to passengers or operations throughout the project, helped by a focused and collaborative approach by all parties.

Not only were Queensland artists chosen to provide key art pieces within the redevelopment, local materials were also used including locally sourced stone, timbers, fittings and plants to help support both Queensland and Australian suppliers.

Even though the $45 million transformation of the International Terminal is complete, there are still over 100 construction and development projects on site or in planning, making Brisbane Airport one of Australia’s most important growth hubs.

One of Australia’s biggest aviation project, the $1.35 billion New Parallel Runway is well underway whilst more than $300 million is invested in upgrading the Domestic Terminal. There are also plans for a new Regional Satellite Terminal, as well as new aircraft aprons and taxiways, more car parks, two new hotels and a Brisbane Airport Conference Centre.

These developments will not only draw in more tourists both locally and internationally, the developments also provide a substantial amount of work and employment opportunities for the local area, benefiting Brisbane and Queensland as a whole.

Operating 24/7 without any curfews, Brisbane Airport is not only the premier gateway to Queensland, but it could soon be the premier gateway to Australia.
Published on 30th of May 2016 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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