Brisbane’s Queens Wharf now approved by QLD Government

There’s good news for Brisbane, as the Queensland Government has now formally adopted the development scheme for the renewal of the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane Priority Development Area.

This new development will create up to 2,000 construction jobs during the construction phase, whilst it will provide 8,000 ongoing jobs once the Integrated Resort Development is complete and operational in 2022. This will provide a much needed boost to the economy and employment in Brisbane.

Not only will the revitalised precinct provide improved facilities for everyday use and public events for locals, it will also benefit Australians from interstate as well as international visitors and tourists.

According to Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, “This development will transform and rejuvenate the under-utilised south-western edge of the Brisbane CBD, attract significant investment to the city and most importantly, create jobs for Queensland families”.

The Queen’s Wharf Brisbane Priority Development Area development scheme provides the planning framework for the assessment of the Destination Brisbane Consortium proposal.

There was also support for the area redevelopment from public submissions. The designs will include a sub-tropical design alongside heritage protection, whilst the pedestrian and cycling network within the Priority Development Area will also be improved.

“We invited the community, residents, and business operators to view the proposed development scheme and we received 37 written submissions. Some amendments were made to the proposed development scheme as a result of issues raised in these submissions,” said Ms Trad.

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane was first declared a Priority Development Area back on 28 November 2014 to facilitate the planning and delivery of an integrated resort development including a casino and other related development on the site.
Going forward, all the development applications will be individually assessed against the development scheme.

The final Development Scheme also includes provisions for a Design Advisory Panel to help deliver a high-quality project which will benefit both locals and tourists alike. The Design Advisory Panel will be chaired by the Queensland Government Architect, and members will be drawn from the Queensland Urban Design and Places Panel.

“This part of our city is one of the most culturally and historically significant sites in Brisbane, and the Design Advisory Panel will help ensure that Queen’s Wharf is a civic landmark,” Ms Trad said.

The development scheme estimates $3 billion will be required to renew the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane Priority Development Area. Some of the main features include a brand new casino as well as new luxury apartments, five new premium hotel brands and an array of restaurants and bars. The development will transform and rejuvenate the south-western edge of the Brisbane CBD as well as the riverfront which is currently under-utilised and neglected.

This new development will also help Brisbane take up its stance as a new world city and is estimated to bring in 1.39 million additional tourists per annum.

Preliminary site investigation works are to go ahead throughout this year, whilst 2017 is the anticipated start of demolition and construction activities.

Those who have bought new off the plan apartments in South Brisbane and close to the Brisbane CBD will also benefit in time as the Queens Wharf development completes over the next six or so years. It will certainly become the place to be and revamp Brisbane for the better.
Published on 9th of February 2016 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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