Top Home Features Trending In Australia Right Now

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Following the year 2020, 2021 continues to bring about rapid changes and completely transform our lifestyles as we adapt to the effects of COVID-19. There has been a shift with more homeowners leaning towards spaces that are larger, have a dedicated office and that better facilitate indoor/outdoor living. In this article, we have included a few design trends that are currently sought after by households around Australia.

The ‘Work From Home’ Office

Whether it is a study room or an office, dedicating a separate location where you can focus on what you have to get done will make all the difference with your productivity. Particularly when adhering to lockdown laws, homebuyers have an urgent need to have a workspace set up where they can have some peace and privacy to catch up with online meetings or business calls. It is an extra advantage for the office to not only serve a functional purpose but also have the flexibility to be utilised as a spare guest bedroom or lounge.

Inviting Kitchens

As the central point of the house, kitchens continue to be the main hub where everybody can share meals with family and get together to catch up with friends. A top home feature is welcoming a more minimalist design with neat countertops and organised pantries making room for the spacious island bench to take centre stage. The idea of open-plan living and outdoor entertainment areas are also being embraced when it comes to hosting guests. In addition to removing barriers, everyone can move seamlessly around the home as well as enjoy some fresh air.

Luxe Bathrooms

One of the design trends that is in demand right now is having plush bathrooms that also balances your necessities. Since it’s the place where you can either be rushing to get ready or relaxing with a warm bath, you’ll want to have everything you need and make the room as comfortable as possible. A combined mirror and vanity storage unit ensures that all your products are quickly accessible with double vanity units assisting in maintaining a tidy bathroom. For more convenience, smart toilets and freestanding bathtubs are also popular inclusions to have.

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Smart Living

Another top home feature is installing smart technology to automate your entire home. Just from your phone, you can maximise your control with ease and freely modify what you want whenever you desire. The modern tech allows you to switch the lights on and off, fix the blinds or adjust the heating and cooling to get the right temperature when it’s time to unwind. With busy schedules, you may decide to set up reminders and also make the most of the security measures for increased safety.

With plenty of new design trends to keep an eye out for, when it comes to choosing a new home to suit you, think about your needs and what features and layouts will work best with your lifestyle now and in the future. 

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Published on 6th of July 2021 by Jen Dickson
Jen Dickson
Jen Dickson


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