Time’s running out to buy affordable property in Brisbane

If you are an investor looking to grow your money or a home buyer in search of an affordable property, then Brisbane is the best place to buy right now, but you need to hurry as time is ticking if you want to snatch up a bargain.

We’ve seen it before and it’s happening again. The Brisbane property market is definitely heating up and is following the growth that both Sydney and Melbourne have experienced these last few years. However, unlike Sydney and Melbourne, property prices in Brisbane are still fairly low and affordable, allowing you to take full advantage of the expected price growth to come.

If you missed out on the high growth Sydney experienced, then ensure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity of buying a property in Brisbane.

After a number of slow years, Brisbane is certainly picking itself up, and more new developments are coming to market creating more supply to meet increased demand. The modern person today, especially city professionals wants convenience, and wants to live close to a good transport network with easy and quick access to the city, but still pay an affordable price. This is exactly what Brisbane can offer today.

Unlike Sydney, you can still buy a one bedroom apartment, 3km from the Brisbane CBD for approximately $400,000. In Sydney, to get something of this value you will have to live 45 – 60 minutes out of Sydney and even then it is more likely you will be paying upwards from $500,000 for a one bedroom apartment.

The inner rings have been a great place to buy for Brisbane investors, such as Fortitude Valley, Newstead and West End with close proximity to the CBD. However as prices are starting to increase, investors are now starting to move to the middle rings in order to snatch up a bargain, yet still have good accessible transport options on their doorstep.

It’s time that you made your move and get in before everyone else does. There are still plenty of property options available in Brisbane, but these affordable properties won’t be around for much longer.

To get a heads up, we recommend you speak to one of our Property Consultants to get the low down on the hot suburbs to buy in Brisbane right now.

As a reminder, here are our 5 top reasons you should buy in Brisbane today:


  • Brisbane is now in the upswing phase of the property market in a period of growth
  • You can still buy close to the city for reasonable and affordable prices
  • Prices are expected to grow just like Melbourne and Sydney did
  • Brisbane has been highlighted to have the strongest potential for continued growth for 2015
  • Brisbane’s population is forecast to grow to nearly 3 million by 2031 creating high demand
Published on 7th of May 2015 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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