Should you buy a single storey home or double storey?

So, you’ve decided that you want to purchase a house and escape apartment living? Buying a house not only gives you far more space to grow, but can be much homelier and inviting when you have a family, whilst you might actually have more chance of meeting your neighbours!

With so many house options available, it can be hard to decide which house type you should go for - a single-storey home or a double-storey home? Both house types have their own pros and cons, and it really comes down to personal taste and what you can afford. Many Australians still prefer a single storey home to live in; however, a double storey home does have its benefits too.

To help you decide which house type is best for you, here and some of the major pros and cons for both.

Pros of buying a single-storey home

1. No stairs

One of the great benefits of buying a single-storey home is that you don’t have to worry about the hazards or difficulties of stairs. This is great news if you are a family with young children or someone who is older or has mobility problems and find going upstairs difficult. As we get older, climbing stairs can become increasingly harder and painful, especially for those who may have knee problems or aches and pains, so a single level avoids stairs altogether. The same applies to young children who may have a tendency to explore and may accidentally trip and fall down the stairs causing injury.

Staircases can also take up a lot of valuable room in a house, so having no stairs will provide you with more storage and living areas. It is also easier to evacuate if you all live on one floor.

2. Reduced heating costs

As your home is all on one level, it will be quicker and cheaper to heat up or cool down your home. Circulation is much more fluid on a single storey home compared to one across multiple levels.

3. More open

A single storey home can sometimes feel more open with open plan living areas, higher ceilings and wider hallways.

4. Easier to move in

A single storey home is also easier to move in. You don’t need to carry heavy furniture upstairs, especially if you have a winding staircase. Construction also tends to be quicker allowing you to move in sooner.

Cons of buying a single storey home

1. Less outdoors space

Although a single storey home may have more open plan and spacious living areas, it will also take up more of the lot space, meaning your outdoors area is generally smaller. Although you might have less space for your children to run around or for outdoor features like pools, you will have less lawn to mow. If you purchase your single-storey home within a house and land estate then a smaller outdoors area might not be a problem with extensive open areas and public reserves to make the most of within walking distance of home.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of buying a double storey home.

Pros of buying a double storey home

1. Great street appeal

One benefit of buying a double storey home is that they tend to have great street appeal and look quite substantial next to single storey homes. With two levels, there is also the opportunity for elevated views.

2. Lower land costs

As you are building upwards rather than outwards, your lot will be smaller in size meaning that you have the opportunity to spend less on land and more on the actual home.

3. Separated living

The beauty of buying a double storey home over a single storey home is that you can easily separate your living areas between top and bottom with your bedrooms at the top for more privacy and further away from street and foot traffic, making it easier to sleep.

4. Larger outdoors area

Double storey homes tend to have the opportunity for larger outdoors areas, meaning you could add in a swimming pool, have that vegetable patch and a well-sized area for your children to play or your dog to run around.

Cons of buying a double storey home

1. Stairs

A double storey home will include a set of stairs which isn’t favourable with the elderly, those with mobility problems and also families with young children. Stairs can also make cleaning and vacuuming harder, whilst will require more effort when doing laundry.

2. Higher construction costs

Although your land costs might be lower, your construction costs tend to be approximately 10-15% higher. However, if you prefer to buy a double storey home, then it is still possible to purchase a home that sits comfortably within your budget.

3. Harder to heat and cool

A double storey home tends to cost more to heat and cool and takes longer for this warm or cool air to circulate through the home. As heat rises, all the heat generally goes upstairs.

So which house type should you buy?

There is no right or wrong house option to choose as it all depends on your personal preferences. However, you should consider what stage of your life you are at and your future plans. If you are approaching retirement or thinking about having children then you might want to consider a single storey home, whilst if you are buying a home in a picturesque spot, a double-storey home can take in the views and provide you with separate living areas.

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Published on 27th of March 2020 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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