Friday 13th property superstitions

Today is the second of three Friday 13ths this year. Many people believe that Friday 13th is an unlucky day and we have even had a client who would not buy a property on Friday 13th as they firmly believed that it would bring them bad luck if they bought it on this day.

Many of these superstitions have been passed down through various cultures and generations and even today there are some builders and developers around the world who will skip the 13th floor entirely to avoid this superstition.

As today is Friday 13th, we’ve decided to mark the occasion by coming up with our favourite property superstitions from right across the world.

Top 13 property superstitions from around the world

  1. Don’t live at house number 13 and don’t live on the 13th floor in an apartment block (UK and USA).
  2. Don’t give a knife as a house-warming present, as your neighbour will soon become an enemy (USA and Africa).
  3. Scatter coins around the living room of a new home to bring good fortune (Philippines).
  4. Don’t bring an old broom into a new home as you will bring your former bad luck with you (USA).
  5. Don’t sweep your home with a broom at night otherwise you will sweep away all your good fortune (West Africa).
  6. Having an eight in the listing or rental price is a good luck sign and a sign of prosperity, especially when it contains a lot of eights ($888,888 is the jackpot!). The number four as a house number or price is unlucky, due to it sounding like a word for death in Cantonese and Mandarin (China).
  7. Don’t put new shoes on the table in your property as this will bring bad luck (UK and USA).
  8. If black ants come into your home you will come into wealth (Philippines).
  9. If you leave the bedroom windows open on 1st November this can bring bad luck. This is the night that souls of the dead roam free (Spain).
  10. Bury a statue of St Joseph (the patron saint of real estate) in the garden to help sell a property (UK and USA).
  11. Properties sitting on curved roads or facing a ‘T’ junction will invite bad fortune (China).
  12. If a swarm of bees land on your home it will soon burn down (USA).
  13. It is considered unlucky if you can see the back door directly from the front door as good energy will pass straight through the house (China).
That being said you shouldn’t rely on superstitions to put you off or to make you buy in real estate. Whether you are a firm believer in these property superstitions or not, you should still watch the property market closely and rely on time-proven data and facts and figures to make your property purchase.
Published on 13th of March 2015 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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