10 Reasons why you should buy property in Liverpool

Liverpool in Sydney is emerging as one major growth centre which is attracting greater interest from both buyers and rental tenants alike. And rightly so, with its hub of retail, dining and employment precinct alongside a major hospital and great education options. Everything you could possibly need is right on your doorstep, whilst there’s still time for recreation with the beautiful Georges River close by and national parks a short drive away.

So, what makes Liverpool so attractive and why should you be buying property in Liverpool today?

Here are our Top 10 reasons you should consider.

10 Resons why you should buy property in Liverpool

1. Great transport connections

Liverpool is extremely well connected by bus and train services allowing residents to get around with ease. Liverpool train station is situated on three lines; the Inner West & South Line, Bankstown Line and Cumberland Line with journeys to the city taking approximately 50 minutes. Journeys to the city in the future might also reduce to 35 minutes with the extension of the metropolitan line from Bankstown to Liverpool. There are also numerous bus services, whilst major roads include Copeland Street, South Western Motorway and the Hume Highway.

2. Liverpool City Revitalisation

There are also major plans for Liverpool’s city centre to be revitalised making this area a far more pleasant place to spend your days, evenings and weekends. More than $15 million is set to be invested to transform the City into a place people want to visit and businesses to invest in.

3. Population set to double

Over the next 20 years, the population of Liverpool is also set to double, with approximately 140,000 new residents. With a large increase in people living here, pressure will be put onto the housing market to deliver new homes, of which a lot of these will be medium or high-density apartments.

4. Liverpool to transform into a World-Leading Health and Education Precinct

According to a new report, Liverpool could be revolutionised to become a first-class health and education precinct. Currently, more than 15,000 people are employed in the health and knowledge sector and with new investment in health, education and research, this job number could easily double over the next 20 years. It is expected by 2036 that the Liverpool Local Government Area should employ approximately 30,000 health and knowledge workers which will make up almost 25 per cent of the workforce. Liverpool Hospital is currently the state’s second largest hospital and a major employer.

5. Western Sydney Airport

As the $5.3 billion airport project gets underway, this will have a positive impact on Liverpool with a growing demand for commercial office space in the Liverpool CBD and an increase in the number of people residing here. Liverpool has been confirmed as the gateway to the new Western Sydney Airport and will have its headquarters based here. WSA will create over 31,000 jobs, with many filled by local residents.

6. Increasing student numbers

Liverpool is changing when it comes to education and will be home to three universities. Over the next five years, student numbers are expected to boom, making Liverpool not only the healthcare capital of Sydney, but also the education capital of south west Sydney. The University of Wollongong will open a Liverpool campus and there will also be a campus for the Western Sydney University and The University of Liverpool.

7. Affordable Property Prices

Another reason why you should be buying property in Liverpool is due to its affordable property prices, compared to Sydney city. Currently, the median property price for a one-bedroom apartment in Liverpool is $405,000, with two bedrooms priced at $432,000 and three-bedroom apartments at a median price of $585,000. This is approximately half the price that you would expect to pay in the Sydney CBD or inner-city suburbs.

8. Strong rental population

Liverpool is also home to a large rental population with approximately 50% of properties rented. If you are looking to buy a new property in Liverpool as an investor then there is a large rental pool to tap into, helped by its strong economy and healthcare and education precincts.

9. Good capital growth

Over the last 12 months, Liverpool has experienced good capital growth in both its housing and apartment market, making this a strong reason to buy new property in Liverpool. Apartments have experienced 7.98% growth, whilst houses have grown by 9.59% in the last 12 months. The annual growth for apartments and houses is 8.22% and 9.47% respectively.

10. Wealth of amenities

Residents of new property in Liverpool will also have all the amenities they require right on their doorstep. The city is home to a large Westfield shopping centre with a plethora of retail and dining opportunities on street level. Residents can also enjoy recreation to the full with leisurely walks or cycles along the picturesque Georges River as well as a number of parks including Bigge Park, Barbara Long Park and Collimore Park. For further exploration, then the Heathcote National Park and Royal National Park are both an easy drive away.

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If you want your next property to be situated in a high growth area, close to healthcare, universities, retail, dining, recreation and employment precincts then Liverpool property makes an excellent choice for first home buyers, owner occupiers and investors.

We have a great range of new Liverpool apartments available for sale to suit various budgets and lifestyle requirements with a number of properties situated right by the picturesque Georges River and within walking distance of the Liverpool train station.

To learn more about what Liverpool apartments are currently for sale or to book a meeting with one of our expert Property Consultants, call the team today on 1300 123 463 to find out more.
Published on 25th of October 2017 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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