Far East Consortium

Far East Consotium has contributed to Australia’s urban skylines for almost 25 years.

Never daunted by scale or complexity, we see challenges as opportunities. That’s why we have completed landmark urban renewal redevelopments valued at several billion dollars. And why we continue to successfully deliver vast, multifaceted projects in the heart of Australia’s busiest cities.

For FEC, sustainability means developing for the future not buying into a trend that is happening today.

Urban development offers a rare opportunity to generate something substantial and lasting that benefits individuals, communities and entire cities. Starting from scratch means the change to get things right – from the smallest detail to a grand vision that stands the test of time.

Good developers want to be proud of what they’ve done. They want their work to be exceptional and long term. This is exactly how we feel about our projects. It’s why we don’t step away once that last apartment sells. And why we continue to share our knowledge and experience with the community of people and businesses whose futures are invested in what we have created.



Manhattan Apartments
Melbourne | VIC