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An uplifting new address in a village to call home.

One of the inner north’s largest and most exciting urban renewal projects. With over three hectares of well thought out architecturally designed and landscaped space and just six kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, EBV’s vision is of a self-sustaining village where everything you need is just a short walk away.

As the sun sets and the dusk rolls in, opportunity awaits. You might be arriving home from work in the city, or simply turning your attention away from your home office. Will you head down to the restaurant precinct to meet with friends, take a stroll on the rooftop, or catch up over a cocktail in the LED-lit garden as the city lights welcome in the night?

With colour-driven, mood enhancing architecture, interior design and public art, and an array of up and downbeat entertainment options at your fingertips.

Its offerings complement your cosy, retreat-like apartment home, and are perfectly balanced by the vision of a sustainable village community just six kilometres from the Melbourne CBD. What's more, its 7.5-star average NatHERS rating and operationally carbon neutral status mean that living here will have no negative impact on the environment.

Step inside – and be revived.

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