Park Avenue

Apartments in South Melbourne - 3205, Victoria
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A New Jewel Amongst South Melbourne's Cultural Hub.

Experience the Height of Comfort, Convenience and Culture.

Park Ave makes a strong statement about modern living, without raising the volume. This is Manhattan- style confidence, with a touch of Melbourne's understated pride.

Evoking sculptural beauty and the art of balanced design, Park Ave is seamlessly stitched into the fabric of South Melbourne’s cultural district.Firm urbane lines form the lower podium, softened and contrasted by the upper tower’s soaring waves.Glazed with sleek glass surfaces combined with natural concrete, the façade is a sartorial union of clean-cut lines and artful forms.

A striking foyer is where your journey into sophistication begins. Mirror ceilings reflect polished marble floors, creating a visual delight at the start and end of your day.It’s here that a genuine commitment to your enjoyment is captured. Our5-star services can all be arranged via the concierge desk. Enjoy on-call service, dry cleaning, parcel collection and supermarket storage.We stand ready to assist, including with transportation and dining reservations.

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