Pace of Blackburn

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Pace of Blackburn is taking apartment living to new heights in this treasured pocket of Melbourne.

Style, durability and heightened amenity come together at Pace of Blackburn. The exterior architecture complements the landscape of the area with stunning oversized windows and a colour palette that mimics nature.

Inside, you will enjoy rich stone textures, timber surfaces and loop pile carpets. Choose from a subtle light palette or a regal dark palette featuring a stunning navy kitchen.

Enjoy the many conveniences on offer including your own concierge service, coldroom storage for deliveries, a meeting space, a private dining room including a full chefs kitchen, a sparkling lap pool as well as a children's splash pool, and a space to relax beside a beautiful fireplace. This is heightened living.

This 4 tower development is 18kms to the CBD, is surrounded by excellent schools, a wide range of sporting clubs and facilities and offers excellent amenity with a pool, supermarket and convenient retail on ground level.

Blackburn is long-established as one of Melbourne's premiere suburbs. From it's leafy streets, abundant parks and laid-back lifestyle, Blackburn has something for everyone. At just 25 minutes to the CBD, and with frequent trains and buses easily accessible, Blackburn is also convenient for people needing to access the city for work or a night out.

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