Lechte Residence

Townhouses in Mount Waverley - 3149, Victoria
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You’ll be able to build a life you truly enjoy, and live in a home that exceeds your expectations when you choose the Lechte Residence.

Your home should be your sanctuary. At the Lechte Residence, you will be able to totally relax and enjoy your life. You will be able to shop, exercise, and learn at the excellent facilities surrounding the residence.

Making the Lechte Residence home is a decision you will cherish for years to come. Living in such an amazing community will give you an entirely new perspective on life. Living so close to high-quality schools is important. From primary school to university, the best schools are all here.

Whether you’re up for popping into a store for something you need or spending a day wandering about the shops, you can do it here.

The Lechte Residence is surrounded by great shopping opportunities to ensure you find everything you both want and need.

You will never tire of discovering new and fun opportunities located close to your new home.

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