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Complete Loan Comparison

Use this calculator to help you to do a Complete Loan Comparison on your loan vs another option. This calculator includes not only interest charges but also other fees which may be applicable at set-up or paid annually.

To run the Complete Loan Comparison, it is important that you complete all the fields with as much correct information as possible for both lenders. Once you click on Calculate, the results will show your fixed monthly repayments, ongoing monthly repayments and total repayments for both lenders. The calculator will also show you how much My Lender will cost you compared to your lender.

You can also view the results of the Complete Loan Comparison in a graph to view how much you still need to pay over your set timeframe.

This calculator is a great tool to use to ensure that you get the best possible loan for your new property. If you are having any trouble or would like to speak to our in-house Mortgage Broker about loan options, get in touch with iBuyNew today by calling us on 1300 123 463.

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