1st January 2021
Lockdown 2.0 for Victoria. Here's what we know about what it...
Construction, Buyers, Home, Building, COVID-19, 'First, Victorian Restrictions 2.0
28th July 2020
The NSW State Government has announced a temporary pause in...
NSW, HomeBuilder, First Homebuyers, Homebuyer Incentives, Stamp Duty
26th July 2020
The thing to remember is that there is help out there if you...
Investors, COVID-19, COVID-19 Hardship, Mortgage Stress
23rd July 2020
Looking for an investment that helps improve the lives of ot...
Property Investment, SDA, SDA Property, Specialist Disability Accomodation
1st January 2021
New home sales record their first increase since March when...
HomeBuilder, COVID-19, Housing Market, New Home Sales
1st January 2021
Thinking of buying? With all the grants, schemes and rebates...
First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, First Home Owners Grant, HomeBuilder
17th July 2020
Studio apartments are becoming a popular choice for investor...
Apartments, Apartment Living, Studio Apartments
17th July 2020
Investing in property and then renting it out, is a little m...
Investors, Landlords, Property Investors, Rental Properties
17th July 2020
Researching properties to buy is important, but how long is...
Estate, Property, Home, Buyer, First, Real, Investor
17th July 2020
Buying brand new will always be perceived as being more expe...
New, Benefits, Buying, Apartmetns
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