29th October 2014
Measuring at 274m, Brisbane Skytower is set to become Brisba...
Apartments, Brisbane, Skytower, Tower
24th October 2014
1,641 auctions are scheduled for Melbourne this weekend, rea...
Melbourne, Property, Auction, Sold
23rd October 2014
Here are 20 key property terms you should know when investin...
Property, Investment, Definition, Glossary, Terms
22nd October 2014
The latest survey from NAB for Q3 indicates that the demand...
Property, Buyers, Buyer, Foreign, Investment, Foreigners
21st October 2014
Melbourne City Council becomes new owner of large landholdin...
Melbourne, CBD, Council, Landholdings
20th October 2014
Many of my clients come to me with an ingrained belief that...
20th October 2014
I speak with a lot of clients who ask me why they should be...
Apartment, The, Off, Plan, Investment
20th October 2014
Discover the pros and cons for personal management or using...
Property, Management, Managers
20th October 2014
Is fear stopping you from buying a property? Here are 3 tips...
Property, Fear
20th October 2014
The key to building a successful property portfolio is to bu...
Property, Buying, Portfolio
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