1st January 2021
Having a property that is more energy efficient can actually...
Apartment, Blocks, Efficiency, Energy, Smart, Sustainability
28th November 2014
Know how to increase your rental yield? Here are some great...
Renting, Rental, Yield, Yields
27th November 2014
Do you know your comparison rates to your line of credit? He...
Mortgages, Finances, Glossary, Definitions
26th November 2014
Avoid late rental payments with these helpful 10 tips.
Rent, Renting, Tenants, Collecting
25th November 2014
Should Negative Gearing be abolished? Here is the good and t...
Taxes, Gearing, Negative
24th November 2014
Three-storey Kindness House in Fitzroy, Melbourne achieves a...
Melbourne, Property, Fitzroy
1st January 2021
Being green is becoming more popular today as buildings turn...
Sustainability, Buildings, Infrastructure, Green
20th November 2014
With our cities becoming overcrowded through population grow...
Vertical, Sustainability, Cities, Urban
19th November 2014
Ensure you invest wisely in property by reviewing our 7 key...
Property, Investment
18th November 2014
Vancouver is addressing its social housing problem by utilis...
Home, Shipping, Container, Sustainable
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