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20th October 2014
For an impressive 3rd year in a row Melbourne holds the titl...
Melbourne, Liveability, Infrastructure
20th October 2014
Badgerys Creek airport is set to create a whirlpool of money...
Airport, Badgerys, Creek
20th October 2014
Over the last quarter to September 2013, new home sales have...
Property, New, Investment, Market, Homes
20th October 2014
With Australia entering a new era of ultra low interest rate...
Property, Investing, Rates, Interest
20th October 2014
The debate between fixed and variable rates is an old one an...
Fixed, Rates, Variable
20th October 2014
Retail property in Sydney's Chinatown sells for first time i...
Property, Sydney, Chinatown
20th October 2014
You might have noticed that the Brisbane residential market,...
Brisbane, Apartment, Approvals
20th October 2014
Brisbane's housing price growth is set to reach 17% over the...
Apartments, House, Brisbane, Growth, Prices, Properties
20th October 2014
Brisbane is on the up according to 2 leading research papers...
Property, Brisbane, Market
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