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In the Media with iBuyNew

iBuyNew has featured regularly in the media and you might have seen us in the newspapers and online publications. Some of the major publications that we have appeared in over the years include Nine News, Sky News Business Channel, The Financial Review; Property Observer, Huffington Post, Australian Financial Review; Urban Developer, Your Investment Property and Your Mortgage.
Not only has iBuyNew featured in numerous articles, but our CEO Mark Mendel regularly appears within the media on topics to do with the residential property market and off the plan apartments such as what are the risks of buying property off the plan, what you need to know about buying property off the plan and top tips on how to save up a property deposit.
Property is a hot topic right now and is seeing plenty of media attention, but not everything that appears in the media is correct. A lot of it is hype and over-exaggerated. You can be comforted in knowing that iBuyNew provides factual information and we will say it as we see it.
We provide expert advice and give our true opinions on hot topics in the media right now and allow our readers to learn about property off the plan or the best way to save a deposit to buy a property. We are across all topics within the property market and always looking for opportunities to feature in the latest news articles or opinion column.
If you would like to feature us in your own news stories or would like to do a comments section or Q&A then we would love to hear from you.
Get in touch today with the iBuyNew team by calling us on 1300 123 463.
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