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Embassy Construction Update

Published on 27th November by Emily Long

Embassy Construction Update

Embassy is continuing to progress to programme.

Onsite, the project is progressing well with the structural works in motion. The tower crane is operational, enabling the erection of a full level of concrete panels every four weeks.

Externally, the structure has been completed up to level 6. Following the structure is the window systems, all feature architecture elements, wall finishing, and balustrading.

In relation to the programme, the status is as follows:

1. Site set up works Completed
2. Bulk excavation Completed
3. Basement works Completed
4. Structure works in progress
5. Services rough in In progress
6. Window glazing In progress
7. Facade cladding In progress
8. Internal fit out works In progress
9. Finishing works
10. Title registration
11. Occupancy permit
12. Ready to settle

Settlement is anticipated for June 2019.

We will keep you updated as we get closer to this date.



To find out more about the construction progress of Embassy in Richmond or if you have any queries relating to the settlement process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our iBuyNew team today.
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Emily Long

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