Return of Investors - September 2022

Written by Rohan Aalders, NSW State Sales Manager


Whilst the noise continues in the broader property market we continue to see properties selling across all sectors for any number of reasons. Every purchase has its own unique set of circumstances attached to it, and we are experiencing all sectors of the market staying active despite all the noise.


What we have found interesting is the reaction from different buyer types in recent months to ever changing market conditions. There is continued activity from first home buyers as well as subsequent property buyers moving to smaller or larger properties as their needs dictate.


Most interestingly we continue to see a sharp uptick in enquiry and subsequent purchasing activity as property investors return to the market in 2022 in very large numbers.


Buoyed by the market signals, including but not limited to, increasing rents, decreasing vacancy rates, increased net migration and a decrease in new building starts, investor purchases have jumped significantly. There seems to be a sense from these property investors that they feel confident in the medium term outlook around interest rates and confident in the underlying fundamentals of the market as they take a longer term view on the property as a whole.


When there are changes in overall market conditions, be it interest rate movements, pandemic or Global Financial Crisis, eventually the market hits an equilibrium point. Are we there yet? Probably not however, presently, the signals are there that we are edging closer each day.


Through all this fluctuation we continue to see opportunities present themselves for those actively in the market. If you’re curious, interested, or just want some real time data please reach out to us and we would be glad to share in more detail what we are seeing in specific regions of Sydney.


If you’d like to know what your options are in the current market get in touch with our expert team at iBuyNew on 1300 123 463 or book a call back at a time more convenient to you.

Published on 2nd of October 2022 by Rohan Aalders
Rohan Aalders
Rohan Aalders


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