Is apartment living suitable for families with children?

As the population continues to increase, mainly through migration and immigration, it’s not just singles, couples and downsizers that are taking advantage of apartment living. Families with children are living the high life too.

The Australian Dream of home ownership is changing. Once upon a time the dream was to purchase a detached house on a quarter acre suburban block of land with a back yard. However, as purchasing a house is becoming ever more expensive, families are turning to apartment living instead.

The concept of families living in apartments has been around for some time, especially in countries within Asia and Europe; however it is relatively new in Australia. The majority of families here still live in houses with a back yard or garden as there are not as many apartments around.

So what are the positives and negatives of families with children living in an apartment?

Positives of Apartment Living

  • Typically more affordable than a house, especially closer to the city.
  • Gives families a chance to get their foot on the property ladder.
  • Want to live closer to the city and enjoy the lifestyle that this brings.
  • Little maintenance – there is no back garden or yard to maintain, providing more time to spend with the kids.
  • Location – many people prefer the location to having more space.
  • Good security.
  • More involved with each other’s lives.

Negatives of Apartment Living

  • Don’t have immediate access to a back garden.
  • Closer living quarters.
  • Doing weekly chores like the washing can be chaotic, especially if there is no balcony to dry clothes.
  • Harder to invite people over or to entertain due to less space.
  • If there are stairs it can be a struggle lugging up all the shopping and groceries.
  • Might not allow pets.
  • Safety concerns – stairs and balconies.
  • Close proximity to neighbours.
  • Harder for children to play unsupervised.
  • To get outside have to plan more trips to parks and bring more things with you, rather than play in the back yard.
So overall, there are positives and negatives to apartment living, but I believe that one thing is certain. With property prices and population numbers expected to rise, there is likely to be more families turning to apartment living in the not so distant future, especially if it saves time in maintenance with no gardening required.
Published on 12th of December 2014 by Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich
Marty Stanowich


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