How To: Open Up A Windowless Bathroom

The presence of a windowless bathroom doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker when buying or building a new home. Whilst undergoing a large-scale bathroom renovation to add a window could solve this issue, the process can be a time-consuming and costly process. And if you’re in an apartment, often you may not even have this option. However, there are some simple renovation and design tricks that can open up a windowless bathroom lacking in natural light and outdoor views. 

Tip #1: Plan your lighting strategically 

Natural lighting from windows provides horizontal light which complements vertical lighting from ceiling lights. A windowless bathroom without strategic lighting generally relies on a sole ceiling light, thus the bathroom only receives vertical lighting and this lighting can be unflattering. Including horizontal lighting is key when designing a windowless bathroom and can be included using a variety of methods. Some examples include installing wall lighting layered over glass fixtures and adding mirror lights. 


Tip #2: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

It’s common knowledge that mirrors give the illusion of extra space. Mirrors placed near the ground give the impression of extra floor space. Full wall mirrors also work wonders to visually expand a windowless room and can work well in bathroom spaces. 


Tip #3: Shades of white

White and white-adjacent shades almost act like their own light source, which is the perfect shade to use in a windowless bathroom. If you’re not keen on all white walls and want to add some colour to your bathroom walls, the use of white bathroom furniture, tiles, and accessories can also be an effective strategy to make a windowless bathroom feel lighter and more open. 


Tip #4: Transparent and reflective materials

Another simple way to brighten up the space is to select bathroom materials that transmit light. Materials that maximise light include glass, lucite, mirrors, and polished metal. Lucite accessories, especially, are inexpensive additions that add transparency to any bathroom counter. Additionally, using glass panels instead of traditional doors or curtains can also help free space and add to the illusion of extra space. These materials also give a monotonous space some extra dimension. 

Tip #5: Opt for open vanities 

Unlike bathroom cupboards, which can look boxy and give the appearance of a lack of bathroom space, open, leggy vanities can free this space up and assist in the organisation of items such as towels. Therefore, using a few simple design and renovation tricks, you can give your windowless bathroom the illusion of extra light and space. 

Having a home with a windowless bathroom should not stop you from creating a space you’ll love. Even if the windowless bathroom is meant to be a small powder room for guests, you should use all the resources available to you to enhance the interior to make it as bright and inviting as possible. Hopefully, these tips will help your windowless bathroom look wider and brighter. 

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Published on 31st of August 2021 by Michelle Leftwich
Michelle Leftwich
Michelle Leftwich


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