Epac Abodes Pty Ltd

With a principled approach to design and construction, epoc abodes is recasting the concept of sustainable living and creating a new level of expectation for a forward-thinking generation.

No Compromise is our way of achieving real world deliverability of sustainable living solutions, and inspiring the market to expect change. Meeting the social and economic demands of our time requires commitment from enterprise and the individual.

By delivering market-leading, non-sacrificial sustainability solutions, consumers can come to a new understanding of how contemporary living can and should be. Always expect that “eco” marketing promises be followed by clear, specified actions and fulfilled with integrity; and always demand the availability of a lifestyle that makes No Compromise on the planet.

We believe that building should be about building, not destroying. Building upon what we already have: our existing structures, and knowledge too. Reclaiming the best areas our cities have to offer while intelligently managing the environmental impact of the construction process and our subsequent use of the built environment.


Waterloo Apartments
Waterloo | NSW